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Citation Ultra

The Cessna Citation Ultra is the ideal aircraft for short hops, such as Auckland to Christchurch. However, with a range of 1,450 nautical miles, this light jet can travel longer distances, such as Auckland - Sydney or Auckland- Fiji without stopping to refuel.

The interior cabin is outfitted with all-leather seats for up to eight passengers.

Eight passengers can travel in complete comfort

Aircraft Specs

General Capacity 8 (typical seating)

Luggage Capacity 65 ft³


Cabin Specs 

Length: 16.6 ft (5.06m)

Height 4.6 ft (1.41m)

Width 4.8 ft (1.47m)


Length: 48.9 ft (22.04m)

Wingspan: 15.0 ft (19.48m)

Height: 52.5 ft (15.9m)


High Speed:  480 mph (770km/h)

Typical Cruise: 465 mph (750 km/h)


Engine Model: Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5D

Thrust: 3.045 lb (13.6 kN)

Flat Rated to: ISA + 25C (77F)

Avionics: Honeywell Primus 1000 Avionics System

Airfield Performance:

Takeoff Dist: 3,180 ft (970m)

Landing Dist: 2,870 ft (875m)

Operating Altitude: 

Max: 45,000ft (13,760m)

Initial Cruise Altitude: 

41,000 ft (12,496 m)


With a speed of 445 mph and interior cabin of 4.7 feet in height, 4.8 feet in width and 17.3 feet in length, the Citation Ultra is one of the fastest and spacious light jets. 

Cabin Layout

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